Barcelona native, Bologna adopted. A few months ago I left my job as a consultant to take up my passion for creative sewing, bearing in mind sustainability.

....just because my path is different, doesn't mean I am lost ..

I design and create mostly bags, backpacks. . . and other small sartorial adventures, including some in the kids world. For my creations I like to make use of specific materials, chosen with care, which inspire me, combining, where possible, recycled materials such as old jeans, clothes, scraps and what ever!

The whole production process is done by me, from concept design, to the search for materials, up to cutting and sewing, giving a green light to creativity and taking care of every detail to ensure the quality and taste. Needless to say: All creations are handmade and unique pieces.

My brand, Angolobarcelona - while the word 'angolo' means corner in Italian, 'angolob' read backwards is the name of my adopted hometown of Bologna - and the style of my creations reflects the influence of my original Catalan soul and what my eyes capture in my current adoptive Italian city.

I hope you enjoy the bags gallery as much as I have entertained myself imagining and creating them!

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